Thursday, April 17, 2008

More cards

Hopefully. I'm using my camera phone so here goes....

Thanks a million Niamh for the stamped images. You're a lifesaver!

I can't get the glossy accents to show. You'll just have to trust me that it's very shiny (and nicer in real life!!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Auntie Cowgirl Neeb strikes again!

We have one happy Cowgirl in our house tonight!
Thanks Neeb!

I do still craft occasionally!

Some bits I made recently.

Thinking of having Kids???? Part 2...

Imagine my dismay to find this......

on the bathroom locker yesterday evening. I was not impressed at all. She got a telling off and sent to bed (it was bedtime anyways-it's where she was supposed to be when she was being da Vinci.)

Now imagine my horror after getting Cathal into bed, and returning to the bathroom to find THIS........

With a weary heart, knowing that lipstick doesn't come out of the grouting thingy, (the white bits between the tiles that she so carefully coloured in), I sat on the toilet to take a few minutes to relax, breathe deeply (like the manual says) and get myself together. Ok, I'm calm. I am a mother, I can deal with this coolly and calmly now that I've taken a few minutes with my eyes closed to think nice thoughts.
Then I opened my eyes......

Seriously, what could you do but laugh at that stage? (Obviously the manual is right....) No, it didn't come out of the grouting.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's the small things.......,

Him:(H) "Will you stick on something for lunch, I have to leave soon"
Me:(M) "What do you want?"
(H): "Anything"
(H): "No"
(M):"Soup and sandwich?"
(M)"What then?"
(H)"I don't know, I'll pick something up on the way".....

I still don't actually know what his version of "anything" is at this stage. I'm a bad wifey. And I have to say this conversation infuriates me. If you want food, you have 2 choices,
1) Tell me what you want
2) Get it yourself

No, there is no other option, I can do tuna with sweetcorn, but you probably don't want that, TODAY. Yesterday, yes when I didn't have sweetcorn, you wanted it. Now I have have tuna and sweetcorn up the........wazzoo!!! Guess who doesn't want tuna and sweetcorn sandwitches??????

Again, it's the small things.....I'm sure sis K. will back me up on this one.
"Why are you so thin?" That's not a compliment. I don't ask people "Why are you so fat?" so why should it be different when it's the other way around? I have found people look down on me because of my weight. I cannot do anything about it. I have been to the doctor, she took blood, everything was fine, she said it was Stress. So I can hope to be an unfit size 8 for the forseeable future! G.G., can't wait till I get to go on walks with you! Maybe in the next 2 years!!!

And don't pull out of the parking lot when you see I'm trying to reverse out....(I swear, I don't think anyone in Carraroe is reading my blog!!!!!Did ye see Driving Ettiquette?) Either that or no-one has actually taken driving lessons and know's what to do.
FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: If I am reversed half way out on the road with a clear road, don't skip the queue, I got there first, ok? Wait your turn.
I am going to draw diagrams for future post so ye see what it's like trying to park and get out of our local Euro shop.

Apart from that, much else just goes over my head! But it's the little things......