Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog candy alert!

Jean is having a major giveaway this week. Hop on over and leave a comment to be in with a chance to win! Gotta run, a house full of kids turning up very soon......Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Take time to smell the roses if you don't have coffee.

So I was wondering what tragedy of my life to poke fun at for this post and decided while looking through some photo's I took this past 2 weeks that actually I could do a nice post. You know, pretend like I live in The Little House On The Prairie, kinda, with clutter, and practical clothes for running, and washing up liquid, but you know what I mean. I managed to (unknownst to myself) catch some nice pictures that mean a lot to me and show that it's not all fire and brimstone here! And sometimes it's ok to blog about, well, just stuff! Also it saved me sending the kids onto the roof to create a "scenario"!!!

Like having two kids who kill each other all day long but still love each other enough to want to spend the night together....

(They are *gasp* not mismatched pillows, she robbed his. But it probably wasn't a matching set anyways!)

Or realising your baby that you took home from the hospital not 3 weeks ago is able to blow bubbles, and loving it....

And these babies are still coming back to us. A pair this year. See, we can't be that bad!.....

The kids finding the halloween nightsticks and saying "Oh go on so, but turn the lights off"....because I secretly wanted to have a go too! Cathal on the left, Missus on the right!

And that seeing a moon like this, in this day in age, with all our technology and sparkly fandangles, still makes me gasp in awe (see, the prairie in me is coming out!!!)

I was just glad to have a decent camera on hand that could take the moon picture. For you unsavvy, it was, turn on, Auto, click, and pray for the best! I really must learn how to use that camera.

You know, for times like these....

Coffee anyone....???

Monday, October 6, 2008

Parenting for Dummies

I was lying in the bath wondering why I never had anything to blog about (reason for lying in the bath to come soon.....ish!) Anyways, I figured it was because I have nothing to blog about except the kids really and while they sometimes do silly, cute or dangerous stuff, I don't have enough material to work with. Or the battery is dead in the camera while they are doing it. Or Cathal is swimming when the small mackeral come in and they look like pirhanna fish splashing through the water but Mother Organised didn't even think to bring the camera. Or.......
I could go on, but I won't or I'll use up my one blog post a month on it. So, as I said, I was in the bath, thinking, as you do at such times, and was thinking how my kids still share a bath sometimes and is that legal now? And thinking of the little bath chairs they each had. How I shared a bath with my sis until I was about 6. How I shared a room with the same sis until I was 16, should I let the kids get bunk beds like they want? And my mind wandered, as it does at precious times like this, lying in the bath, and I recalled a blog post by Lynda about her next bestseller! Like her, (ya'all need to read the post!) I have "parenting issues". Like "Where the hell did you come from?" or "If I feed you chocolate will you stop asking me questions?" or "If I feed you to the....." No, I don't say that really, that was for shock factor. Really. I have no idea where that thought manifested itself from. Really. Truely. I love my kids. That's why i have nothing else to blog about!
So! (Getting away from that......) I had an epi.. (hang on, gotta go Google) Epiphany! Thanks to Barbara for getting me in the bath (I said I'd tell ye about that later!) and Lynda I realised I don't have to wait till my child breaks an arm so I have cute pictures of casts to photograph or scrapbook (touch wood neither have-I can guess what next months blog post will be....) They only get "internal" stuff like fluid on the hip (not nice) and they don't let you stay to photograph that stuff. Like the battery in my camera would be ready anyway.
So......back to the bath and thinking, and (man I have a lot of thread veins, I think I'll stick to showering) I had the bright idea of Parenting for Dummies! (I know, I googled it, it's already there, but I bet they're not REAL dummies, like I was my first time out of the hospital with a tiny human being) So I was thinking I could pass on those tiny bits of info that don't make it into the books (that are written by people with well behaved, mannerly nieces and nephews) I can give tips from the heart. What has worked for me. Oh wow, I can make a difference! Not really, but I've spent so long typing now with a faulty Shift button that to stop now would crush me.....

So, Number one tip (that I ALWAYS give new Mommies) is, "Don't take anyone's advice or tips on raising YOUR child" I do, really. I say, "I could give you advice, but I won't, but I will tell you that when your Mother in Law/sister/lady on the road/libriarian starts saying "You shouldn't be doing" or "That child should be" just smile and say "Yes, I'll try that" and make her a cup of tea or give her a brandy or get a dose of the cramps, whichever will shut her up quicker. I say Her, not for ease of typing, but because it's mainly "hers" that give advice. Which is why I'm here!

Seriously, (This is the serious part, you can disregard the above!) I was lying in the bath as ye know by now, and so bathtime was on my mind. I got to thinking about my early trials as a Mother Bathing a Baby. (In BOLD 'cause we're worth it!) I picked up a nifty trick (all by myself) after I nearly drowned my firstborn reaching for shampoo (It was a horrific experience, for me, he was fine in 2 seconds, I cried for 2 days) I found, if I had to bathe my child in a full size bath, to fill the bath a bit, put a folded towel in the bath (the length of the baby) put baby on towel and wash. No slipping on the enamel/plastic bath. The baby will stay on the towel. Yes, you have a sopping wet towel but you also have a baby in water you can manage. (Actually, if I may, one piece of advice, don't use baby oil IN the bath, unless you're an octapus! After the bath, fine! It just makes them so damn hard to get a hold of! I learnt that first time around! And therin lies "Parenting for Dummies"

With my second, the trauma of "full size bath" must have been in the back of my mind. She was bathed in the kitchen sink until she grew out of it. It's funny to hear someone talking about "how lucky ye are, we were bathed in the kitchen sink" Hey, if it was good enough for them, it's good enough for me. And if it delays a few stray grey hairs along the way, I'm happy. So The Missus was bathed in the kitchen sink until she was ready for the bath chair. I got a lot of thumbs up (one through the window down at MIL's house from the Auntie next door, and my Mother approved) but I got a few, "Have you not got a baby bath? Then why are you ....?..static.....white noise.....going into a tunnel......Sorry, I can't hear you......"

Take care of your babies as best you know how. Next installment: Antibiotics. Only kidding! Actually I think I should finally come out about my fascination with windows in the dark.....
So that's my input for today. I hope to come up with and remember a few more gems to part with ye. Most will probably be hindsight, but hey, my hindsight might be your 20/20 vision! If you'd like to leave your tips on what has worked for you I'd love to read them. (And maybe use them!)