Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where does the time go?

So, what have I been doing with all my time?

Well, The Missus started school.

She loves it and has already been in trouble for being the ringleader in a waterfight in the bathroom. What? This sweet, innocent child of mine?

I don't think so.....

Jerry has been taking Cathal fishing a lot lately. Look at him all grown up, scratching his arse like the big boys. I'm so proud of him. I think we're doing a fine job!

Then these babies have been keeping me occupied in the evenings. They come every year around this time but this year is the first time we've been getting 2 together.

What else? Oh, there was a festival on this weekend and we went to the festivities yesterday evening. I think we managed to get one photo of us without someone sneezing, blinking, doing bunny ears (Cathal!!!) or being slapped. We did good!

There's just something about this picture I love.

Now I remember why I don't blog so often. These pictures take forever to upload! Happy now K? Now stop texting me telling me to update the blog!!!