Friday, February 29, 2008

Aldi, Lidl V's Dunnes Stores, Tesco's etc

Last week my daughter spent a day with my sister. All was going well until she asked for cheese. She saw the orange and red packaging and said "I don't like that cheese" D'you know what cheese she loves? Aldi sliced cheese. OK. that's fine.
I buy Camembert cheese in crumb ready to be cooked that Cathal likes. He's not fussy about his Camembert, he know's he's lucky to have it! We have bought loads from Lidl, and he's loved them. Jerry did the shopping last week and got a packed camembert in crumb (same thing?? you'd think, only better?) in Dunnes, and he took a few bites and said it was disgusting.
It should make you think, who better than a child to tell you what does or doesn't taste nice. How many of ye are hiding Lidl pasta in see through boxes? Why? There's no shame. Jesus, we all shop there.
I for one love Lidl and Aldi and wish I could visit once a week, and they have all the artists stuff in at the mo. Oh, I'd love the pencils, knives and canvas's

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Donate Blood

After I heard what happened to some poor sod in New York (he got mugged carrying a laptop containing info from IBTS-Irish Blood Transfusion Service), I remembered that it's been years since I have donated. I did it a few times when I lived in Limerick but not since I came home to live. Between not having a car, not having a fixed clinic in Galway and of course the many many other little reasons that get in the way of doing things, I just never got around to doing it. I did ring once but the mobile clinic dates didn't suit and of course I said I'd check again some other time.....
Well today was that time. In fairness to IBTS, it wasn't through carelessness that this happened (not like the child benefit thing in U.K....lets not get into that shall we!!) but a genuine, one is a million (hang on, it was New York, ok, one in a hundred...!) chance occurance and it's unfortunate it happened. All info is highly encrypted and at the end of the day it doesn't contain PPS no's or otherwise which could be used for fraud so really, in my opinion, no real harm done. Just try to get the system upgraded in Ireland next time, huh?!!
Anyways, back to the point of this post. After reading all about this I decided to check out their site and see if they had any new clinics near me. I have registered with them and will try to make the one in Oughterard on Wed-2nd April, 4.30-8.30. (Enough info there? If not check out the site)
Giving blood is such a worthwhile and I would say selfless task, but to be honest, although you "get " nothing from it apart from a few biscuits and some fizzy drink, the feeling that you could be saving a life is priceless. I remember my first donation, I felt like I was curing the masses! It really is a special feeling.
Go on, be a hero for a day, give blood.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just for fun!

Go on Mags, you know you want to!!!!

You Scored an A

You got 10/10 questions correct.

It's pretty obvious that you don't make basic grammatical errors.

If anything, you're annoyed when people make simple mistakes on their blogs.

As far as people with bad grammar go, you know they're only human.

And it's humanity and its current condition that truly disturb you sometimes.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Things that make you go "Ummm, ummmm, ummm"

What's that song? It's obviously so old that YouTube has no hits! Oh God I'm getting old....
Anyways, I saw a similar post tonight on Gertie's blog and thought, I have things that make me go "Ummmmmmmm" (apart from the obvious ladies, lets keep this clean, shall we,please....!!)

*)Fluffy slippers out of the drier after a bath, still warm.

*)A cup of tea you didn't ask for in the morning handed to you, in bed

*)P.J's off the rad after a bath

*)Clean sheets (with aforementioned warm jammies) after a bath

*)Having the remote to yourself for the night and snuggling up on the settee to watch True Movies!

*)Those fluffy socks in Dunnes Stores. Ohhh Myyyy Godddd. Buy a few pairs cause after a few washes they resort to being "normal" socks but the first few times........Ummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Next time ye're out ladies, treat yourself to a new pair of jammies, fluffy socks, fluffy slippers and slip into a bath. Change your sheets (beforehand) and then crawl into bed with a good book and enjoy the Ummmm's!!!!

I really need to get out more.....

Friday, February 8, 2008

Thinking of having kids?????

Before you take the big plunge with your pink sunspecks on into motherhood (or fatherhood, I'm an equal oppurtunity "blogger" here!) please bear these 3 things in mind;

1) They run away and set up camp in your back garden. They don't put the furniture away when they decide to "come home". You will have to do that.

2) This shit doesn't wash off. Ever.

3) They make cool stuff that looks stupid on you, look good. That's just not right.

I will, on occasion, try to mention the good points of being a parent. In the interests of fairness I will delve deep and find 3 reasons TO have kids......


1) It's pretty much THE BEST THING that'll ever happen to you!!! Seriously. Much as I bitch about them. What the hell would I have to talk/bitch about if they weren't here? I couldn't imagine life without them.

2) The smell. There is nothing like the baby smell of a new baby. Or the smell of a sleeping child. (Yes, they smell different when asleep, if you're wondering, you're not a parent)

3) It's a toss up for third place..... the "you're the best Mom ever" after a day out or "your mash is better than her mash" after being at a friends house.....I think the mash wins! I'm not a great cook but Cathal is always guiding and helping me ("How about some more cheese Mom?")

There you go, 3 against, 3 for.
Hope I've been fair.
Slan abhaile,

Friday, February 1, 2008

Not much happenin' round here....

Kids in the snow this morning....

I feel my post yesterday didn't do justice to Cowgirl Neeb. I was so blown away with what she sent that I just couldn't really express it. I'm not very good with expressing myself. NEEB, YOU'RE THE BEES KNEES!!!!! I'm still playing with everything. She texted me from the U.S. to say she picked up a few little bits for The Missus that would look good with a l.o. of her in my "I give up" post! So I thought it was a few princess stickers...So you can see why I was a bit shell shocked and speechless yesterday!!

Today Cathal woke me at 6 am coughing. He didn't wake, of course, but the barking cough had him off school for the day even if he hadn't come into me an hour later crying with a sore throat. Then it started snowing. Our first snow in about 7 years. I had to let him out to play....didn't I?

The Missus got all excited thinking it was Christmas and Santa came again. This was her first time being in the snow. She was Not Impressed.
"It's cooooooooooold"
"Yes, honey it's cold, it's snow"
"But it's not cold on Dora"
"We don't live in the telly, this is what real snow is like"
"I want to go in"
"Do you want to throw a snowball?"
"Do you want to hit Cathal with a snowball?"

She got over it and lasted a while out there. Poor Cathal was dredging slush out of the drains trying to finish his snowman in the end.
I, Ms Mommy Efficiency, of course had the camera out to capture these treasured moments. Pity the camera doesn't beep like my old one when you try to take pictures without a memory card in.........yes, I nearly cried. The snow was gone when I realised.
Thankfully Jerry got some photos on his phone and through some magical technology unknownst to me I have a few photies. Thanks Jerry. Love ya, you know! (I don't think he has ever read this blog-it would be like me reading his website....boooooring!!!If you don't believe me check it out on the left hand side!)

God, it is so cold here tonight. I was going to go visit a friend earlier but the car was frozen over so I decided to stay put. Cathal is fast asleep in his new inflatable bed (bought for sleepovers but he's test running it!) Leah is watching "Spirit" and still awake. She was at her friends house since after playschool and she passed out in bed 15 mins after getting home. I naiively thought she was asleep for the night. Apparantly she saves all her "wees" for when Mommy can watch....there is no other explanation for it.....I can hear her moving. She must need to wee again....