Monday, July 30, 2007

Bad blogger.......

It's been ages since I blogged but as my camera is out of action and I'm taking pics on Jerry's camera, which he uploads, and I can't find my stuff, it seems kinda pointless. I started this blog to show my cards but it's turned into a diary for the lack of photos......
Yesterday was Cathals 8th birthday. He doesn't like the whole "party" thing with loads of people, he gets a bit overwhelmed (anyone with an ADHD child knows what I'm saying!) so for the last 3 years he's been allowed to pick a friend and do a "no holds barred" day in town. So this year we; booked and paid for tickets for Simpsons movie, moved quickly to Smyths to spend a voucher he got for his birthday, Maccy D's for a quick snack, into movie (which I recommend for anyone with kids over 7/8ish, I laughed more at them laughing! Although Leah didn't let the side down, she laughed when everyone else laughed and stayed the whole movie!!!!) then across the road for bowling, then the arcade, on the way home Leisureland (another €50!) and Morelli's pizza, chips, battered sausages and snackbox on the way home!
Yes, it would have been cheaper to throw a party, but he doesn't like them. This way, he's happy, and I'm happy that he's happy.
What a beautiful sunny day today in Conemmara. I was sitting outside with my neighbour at 3pm and we were admiring the sun and thirst qualities of it. We decided to have a few drinks at 7 before the sun went down. Talk about a snowball effect! We had a full house by the end of the night. There were fiddles and boudhráns and 2 little Irish dancers (well not really, we need to get them onto classes though!) going at one stage. It's the night's you don't plan that end up being the best. Thanks Mags and James! Great night was had by all! Will post some pics tomorrow.
So I think that's it really unless ye want to hear about how I still have to get the school books, uniforms, lunchboxes, etc, didn't think so! Enjoy the weather while it lasts!
Will post pics soon!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

What a great weekend...

Just had a fantastic weekend which I'm wrapping up tonight with a glass of vino or two as tomorrow is officially the first day of the Summer holidays!!!! No alarm clock tomorrow morning, bliss....

It was a neighbours birthday yesterday (yes, one of the "new neighbours"!!) so we decided to go out for a meal and a few quiet drinks on Friday night. One chinese meal, 2 pubs, a gatecrashed 21st, (everyone had left for the nightclub, we were doing them a favour!!) and loads of dancing later we traipsed home for more dancing! I haven't had a good night out like it for ages. Maybe thats because I don't go out to pubs anymore, just the odd dinner now and then. The company was great and the craic was mighty. It does the soul good to have a good laugh like that now and then (and boy did I have a laugh that night) Then yesterday they had a barbeque to celebrate the actual birthday so we had to do it all over again....only problem was, the brain was willing but the body was weak...: ( Oh well, I suppose the days of going on the lock for a weekend are well and truely over. (Sigh....)!

On the crafting front, it's been pretty quiet as I still haven't finished tidying and organising my stuff since the carnage Jerry created. I've made a few cards that were asked for and also 3 altered notebooks for Cathals teacher as a thank you present. It seemed like a great idea at the time and even though I was pleased with how they turned out (I'm not really one of those crafters who "plans" projects, I tend to start with one piece of paper and hope for the best!) I still felt it was a bit cheap or something and that I should have bought her something "shop bought" as well. She did come to me after school and thank me personally and she seems really happy with them. I wish I had more faith or confidence or something in my work. I'm always second guessing my work and fret that people won't like them, even when the same people have come back to me for more stuff.

Anyways, I'll try to upload the notebooks and also the card I made her. The card was made with the decoupage fairies from Yvonne Tune's "Card Art Originals" site. I love them because they are die cuts so you just pop the layers out of the page. No cutting! That is a godsend to me! A bit of glitter on the wings and they look beautiful.

Can't find them but here are the baby cards I was asked for. They were scanned so they didn't come out too well but they were fine IRL! Also a fairy from the decoupage sheet, unmounted or on a card yet!