Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Look what I found....

under Leahs pillow when making her bed this morning. What could you do but laugh? I know I'm (a bit) of a hoarder but I really hope this was her thinking of a midnight snack and not a case of monkey see, monkey do.....

Then off she toddles to the neighbours garden for a picnic with her friend Danni. They bring along with them a Dora mat, a tube of Pringles, assorted toys and puppy teddies, a punnet of strawberries a bucket and a stick (gotta have a stick at a picnic....) When I went to check on the other kids on the trampoline this is what I found on my neighbours doorstep

Again, I'm hoping this is not a forecast of their future parenting skills. Poor Salty is an 11 year old male dog but to give him his due, he took his new role as foster Mom very seriously! Another picture because I thought this was sooooo cute.

We are off to Westport tomorrow for a relaxing few days. Ha de ha ha. I haven't had a relaxing few minutes for 8 years. All the same it's nice to get out of the routine of home and stay in a nice clean place for a few days! We stay at the Harbours Mills beside Westport house every year. It's only an hour and a quarters drive from here but you feel like you are in another world. I just adore it there.

Thats all for now folks. Thanks for stopping by. x