Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's been a long 2 weeks....

and it's going to be a short and sweet post.
The weekend before last Lulu had another "fainting" episode but this time it sounded worse (I wasn't there, my sis was) Apparantly her hands and feet turned in and her face was distorted while she was out. That didn't happen the last time. So I decided I'd bring her to the doc and tell her about it (yes, I know kids faint, hold their breath, do stuff all the time but when it's your own.....) Anyways Monday morning arrived with loads of sunshine and an 8 yr old beside the bed saying "Mom, it's itchy...." I checked him out, he had hives, sent him to school with a promise I'd pick him up early to show the doc. He got an antihistamine (we have narrowed it down to tomatoes-no more pizza or bolognaise!) but Lulu got sent for tests. She had to have and ECG done to make sure everything was ok. Everything was fine. Apparantly she is 'breath holding' involunarily (spl???)She's not doing it deliberately, she falls and takes a huge breath to cry but the breath is too big and her body presses the reset button. Sounds fantstic, I could do with a reset button myself but apparantly we grew out of it at about the age of 5. Pity.....
Right, so the next day my Mom got brought to hospital with chest pains. My sis was in the other hospital across town with my Dad when she got the call. My Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer a month ago. His prognosis is good. They think they caught it early. If you are reading this, say a little prayer, thanks.
Right so again, Mom was kept in overnight and let out the next day with orders to take it easy and relax. Stress. She was back at work 2 days later......She's big and bold enough now, I can't be telling her what to do (Yes, I gave out to her!)
Where are we? The weekend. Passed without a hitch. Beautiful weather. Brought the kids to the beach, Bank holiday weekend, what more could you ask for?
A house that is designed so that if 2 doors are open it's not a hazard????? Maybe I'm asking for too much, you know with the good weather and all......
Tuesday...... I'm leaving the house with The Missus for Naoinra and the front door slammed shut on my finger. I saw skin and blood and went back in and made Jerry look (I couldn't) he made me sit down and put me in the car and brought me to the doc-thought I needed stitches. Not only did I not need stitches, I didn't need the bloody x-rays I was sent for and I didn't need to go back in the next day to have it seen again. I was told it was fractured and had it splinted (neighbour splint?) for a day. PAIN IN THE ASS!!! I was saluting everyone as I was driving, which was kinda funny, but it was the little things I really realised I took for granted. I could still do up Lulu's buttons on her dress but I couldn't put her hair in a ponytail. Try it sometime!
Anways, all is well again here. Say a prayer for Dad if you read this, Hopefully I can get some photos to load up.....
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Waltzing MaTILDA!!!

Here is Tilda that Niamh kindly let me adopt! Again with the phone so not a great pic. The card is embossed and I lightly chalked the raised images.