Friday, February 1, 2008

Not much happenin' round here....

Kids in the snow this morning....

I feel my post yesterday didn't do justice to Cowgirl Neeb. I was so blown away with what she sent that I just couldn't really express it. I'm not very good with expressing myself. NEEB, YOU'RE THE BEES KNEES!!!!! I'm still playing with everything. She texted me from the U.S. to say she picked up a few little bits for The Missus that would look good with a l.o. of her in my "I give up" post! So I thought it was a few princess stickers...So you can see why I was a bit shell shocked and speechless yesterday!!

Today Cathal woke me at 6 am coughing. He didn't wake, of course, but the barking cough had him off school for the day even if he hadn't come into me an hour later crying with a sore throat. Then it started snowing. Our first snow in about 7 years. I had to let him out to play....didn't I?

The Missus got all excited thinking it was Christmas and Santa came again. This was her first time being in the snow. She was Not Impressed.
"It's cooooooooooold"
"Yes, honey it's cold, it's snow"
"But it's not cold on Dora"
"We don't live in the telly, this is what real snow is like"
"I want to go in"
"Do you want to throw a snowball?"
"Do you want to hit Cathal with a snowball?"

She got over it and lasted a while out there. Poor Cathal was dredging slush out of the drains trying to finish his snowman in the end.
I, Ms Mommy Efficiency, of course had the camera out to capture these treasured moments. Pity the camera doesn't beep like my old one when you try to take pictures without a memory card in.........yes, I nearly cried. The snow was gone when I realised.
Thankfully Jerry got some photos on his phone and through some magical technology unknownst to me I have a few photies. Thanks Jerry. Love ya, you know! (I don't think he has ever read this blog-it would be like me reading his website....boooooring!!!If you don't believe me check it out on the left hand side!)

God, it is so cold here tonight. I was going to go visit a friend earlier but the car was frozen over so I decided to stay put. Cathal is fast asleep in his new inflatable bed (bought for sleepovers but he's test running it!) Leah is watching "Spirit" and still awake. She was at her friends house since after playschool and she passed out in bed 15 mins after getting home. I naiively thought she was asleep for the night. Apparantly she saves all her "wees" for when Mommy can watch....there is no other explanation for it.....I can hear her moving. She must need to wee again....


ScrappinMum said...

Those are great photos...can't wait to see how you scrap them!!!

Oh and you've been tagged! ;o)

Karen said...

Oh Neasa, I'm delighted you did get the photos in the end. I had read the thread on CS. Well done Jerry!

SandieShores said...

Well done Jerry indeed! What a relief Neasa. At least you tried to get pics, I didn't even think to let them out in the snow! Now I'm off to check out Jerry's boring site...... LOL!!

All Pink girl said...

Arrr how cute are your photos of your kids in the snow ,it looks fabulous where you like ,thanks for sharing Dawnxxx

eva birdthistle said...

Wow, amazing photos and even better the kids got ton enjoy it :)

Dianne said...

Lovely pics - Carraroe hasn't changed much since I last saw it!!
We obviously got more snow in Spiddal than you got in Carraroe as I remember we had snow every winter without fail - na na na na na!!!! & now I'm getting down here in Killenaule too - hehehehe!!!
Seriously though, they are lovely pics and a great blog!!