Saturday, February 23, 2008

Things that make you go "Ummm, ummmm, ummm"

What's that song? It's obviously so old that YouTube has no hits! Oh God I'm getting old....
Anyways, I saw a similar post tonight on Gertie's blog and thought, I have things that make me go "Ummmmmmmm" (apart from the obvious ladies, lets keep this clean, shall we,please....!!)

*)Fluffy slippers out of the drier after a bath, still warm.

*)A cup of tea you didn't ask for in the morning handed to you, in bed

*)P.J's off the rad after a bath

*)Clean sheets (with aforementioned warm jammies) after a bath

*)Having the remote to yourself for the night and snuggling up on the settee to watch True Movies!

*)Those fluffy socks in Dunnes Stores. Ohhh Myyyy Godddd. Buy a few pairs cause after a few washes they resort to being "normal" socks but the first few times........Ummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Next time ye're out ladies, treat yourself to a new pair of jammies, fluffy socks, fluffy slippers and slip into a bath. Change your sheets (beforehand) and then crawl into bed with a good book and enjoy the Ummmm's!!!!

I really need to get out more.....

1 comment:

littlebit said...

I totally agree on the socks !! Thankfully they are cheap enough to justify owning loads ..and sure once the fluffy is gone there very useful under boots.