Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Donate Blood

After I heard what happened to some poor sod in New York (he got mugged carrying a laptop containing info from IBTS-Irish Blood Transfusion Service), I remembered that it's been years since I have donated. I did it a few times when I lived in Limerick but not since I came home to live. Between not having a car, not having a fixed clinic in Galway and of course the many many other little reasons that get in the way of doing things, I just never got around to doing it. I did ring once but the mobile clinic dates didn't suit and of course I said I'd check again some other time.....
Well today was that time. In fairness to IBTS, it wasn't through carelessness that this happened (not like the child benefit thing in U.K....lets not get into that shall we!!) but a genuine, one is a million (hang on, it was New York, ok, one in a hundred...!) chance occurance and it's unfortunate it happened. All info is highly encrypted and at the end of the day it doesn't contain PPS no's or otherwise which could be used for fraud so really, in my opinion, no real harm done. Just try to get the system upgraded in Ireland next time, huh?!!
Anyways, back to the point of this post. After reading all about this I decided to check out their site and see if they had any new clinics near me. I have registered with them and will try to make the one in Oughterard on Wed-2nd April, 4.30-8.30. (Enough info there? If not check out the site)
Giving blood is such a worthwhile and I would say selfless task, but to be honest, although you "get " nothing from it apart from a few biscuits and some fizzy drink, the feeling that you could be saving a life is priceless. I remember my first donation, I felt like I was curing the masses! It really is a special feeling.
Go on, be a hero for a day, give blood.


PRan said...

Hi Neasa,
Thanks for taking time to post a comment in my blog.
You have a nice blog. Very interesting.

I think you should include the details regarding inclusion criteria for donors in your post.

Well It's a very curious point that you mentioned regarding restriction of UK residents from donating if they lived between 1980 and 1996.
I just made a Google search & came up with an answer. Have a look...
Irish vCJD case confirmed
Medical History & Eligibility Information

I think you can mention about it also in your post.
Keep up the good work. Will be visiting your blog often.

Karen said...

Hi Neasa,
I was just thinking the same thing. The Laptop incident reminded me I haven't been in ages, race week in fact, and I missed the Christmas clinics in Tuam because I was down home. I checked out the website and discovered there is a clinic in Athenry next week so I'll head to that, I don't want to wait until April for the Tuam ones. You are right it does feel really good to donate!


(ps, receipe on the way)