Friday, February 29, 2008

Aldi, Lidl V's Dunnes Stores, Tesco's etc

Last week my daughter spent a day with my sister. All was going well until she asked for cheese. She saw the orange and red packaging and said "I don't like that cheese" D'you know what cheese she loves? Aldi sliced cheese. OK. that's fine.
I buy Camembert cheese in crumb ready to be cooked that Cathal likes. He's not fussy about his Camembert, he know's he's lucky to have it! We have bought loads from Lidl, and he's loved them. Jerry did the shopping last week and got a packed camembert in crumb (same thing?? you'd think, only better?) in Dunnes, and he took a few bites and said it was disgusting.
It should make you think, who better than a child to tell you what does or doesn't taste nice. How many of ye are hiding Lidl pasta in see through boxes? Why? There's no shame. Jesus, we all shop there.
I for one love Lidl and Aldi and wish I could visit once a week, and they have all the artists stuff in at the mo. Oh, I'd love the pencils, knives and canvas's


smiley said...

Hey Aldi was my fav shop when I was in Cambridge, it had everything I needed and was cheap! :)
Well thanks for the message. the last year in Cam was great, I can't beleive I did all that in a year either! I actually had an irish friend from the MBA and he was very nice, and he wasn;t a lepreachaun or have red hair or freckles either! Counld't comment on the drinking though! ;)

Elisa said...


Tigger's rambling said...

Can't beat Lidl for icecream and cheese :-)

Polly Peirce said...

Great food and some fantastic wine's, we couldn't live without them at our house!