Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big Brother is watching.....

Or rather I'm watching Big Brother. Again. This year.....
But for a change I've decided not to pretend to myself and others that I only watch the highlights and the "good bits" or the after shows. No. This year I am camping out in the sitting room with plenty of fresh water, nibbles and a duvet for when the fire goes out. I am going to throw eviction parties (I have one recruit as of today, will let ye know how the numbers go as we progress) I am not going to deny that I love the freak show that is Big Brother. Phew, I feel kinda liberated!!!!
Well, they are all in and let the bitch fest begin! A house full of women???? The stuff of nightmares. The twins are annoying me already. Also the footballers wife wannabe. By tomorrow I will know all their names, background, medical history etc etc. I have spent the last few evenings watching "Big Brother love Stories" and "What they did next" programmes on E4. I feel kinda nostalgic looking at Kate, Nadia, Michelle, Nikki, Kemal and that Godawful Kitten.....ahhh will these new recruits live up??? Only time will tell. Should be fun when they horse some poor unsuspecting male of the species in there on Friday!

On other matters, I have been playing with my new toy a lot since I got it. Made a few cards and even a huge banner for my neighbours DD's communion. It came out pretty nice although the pics don't do it justice (thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) I still don't know how to put the photos into the body of the text so they'll all either be under this line or at the top (in which case you've already seen them!)

Bloody technology...... tried 3 times to upload photos and still no go. How long does it usually take? Am I not supposed to do anything else while they are uploading (although, tried that and it didn't work) Ugggghhhhh.....
I'll try again later or tomorrow.
Slán go foill folks.


deirdre said...

An Irish Big Brother? I am slightly addicted to the Aussie one too. So sad ;)

Neasa said...

Not quite Deirdre!!! It's the english bb but we can watch it on channel 4 and E4. And some us of get very addicted (but most won't admit it till the end, and even then it's a case of I only came to your house to visit....!!! we don't all have sky over here...)

gertie (aka aine) said...

oh im a big brother freak too!! really enjoying it this year, and it's only a few days in!!

if you manage to upload your pics, you can drag and drop them into place in the post you are writing.
thats how i do it anyway.
dont know what the uploading problems could be. are you on broadband or dial up?
i have broadband and it doesnt really take long atall.
good luck troubleshooting it.