Sunday, June 3, 2007

7 random facts about me

My blog still won't upload photos and it getting a bit boring now so I figured I'd do one one of these random survey things and tag a few of ye!!!

I''ll be nice, and be brutally honest about myself so ye don't feel bad....(he he) I am going to list 7 random and unknown facts about me and I hope ye do the same.

1) I bite my nails something awful

2) I have trouble telling left from right(I know where they are, I just have to take a moment to think about it)

3)I have had 10 pieces of my body pierced (7 were in the ears)

4) I have one tattoo

5) I HATE slugs

6) Sunflower's and the color purple make me really happy

7) I'm convinced I must have a bad bitch in my last life, I'm making up for it now, I recon I'll be the new Joan of Ark when I come back again (unless someone up there takes pity and decided to leave me be..!!!!)

I'm tagging


CarolineO said...

I love the honest facts Neasa! I'll do the tag, will have to have a think first!

Carrie said...

I'm intrigued about the extra piercings LOL guessing all sorts :o)))))))

jeanjeany said...

I am re-posting this as i just found it on my own blog(blush stupid)


1)I hate spiders & before i go to bed each night Mike has to go into the bedroom to check there are none there.
2)I am too trusting & always get hurt because of it.
3)I have a ferocious temper
4)I never know what i want,i have qualified as a hairdresser,nail technican,beauty therapist & practice none of them so i guess i am very very indecisive
5)I drive way to fast when i am in the car alone.
6)I seem very out going but i am the total opposite,i do not socalise,i always felt the most inferior in any group so now i avoid groups...that is why i didn't approach ppl at crafteire ( shame on me)
7)I shop to feel good,i feel that is my outlet,knowing it shouldn't be i still do it soooooooooo i guess i spend way to much on things i don't use & don't need

Phew that was harder than i thought it would be....soul

June 5, 2007 6:35 AM

Neasa said...

Thanks Jean! I think you're meant to post it on your own blog and tag other people....that was my understanding???
Ha ha Carrie, I wondered when someone would ask!! Nose, tongue and belly button. Anything else is just vulger!!!!