Thursday, May 3, 2007

Advice taken!!!!

After everyone telling me to sod the housework, today I did just that!!! Packed up the car with towels, buckets, a few kids thrown in, some sandwiches and drinks and off we went to the beach. I'm soooo glad we did and I hardly thought about my dirty house at all! I even roped in a partner in crime (who maintained there was still egg on her walls when she heard the war cry and came running, hmmmmm??) so all the kids were happy killing each other, throwing sand, you know, kids stuff!!! Leah proclaimed not to like sand the minute we hit the beach but she soon got over that. The boys had a ball looking for mackeral and shrimp, and the little one even caught a shark in his bucket!
Leah stripped off completely after a while (very quiet beach so I let her off) and she was strutting around like she owned the place, hands on hips and shaking her finger when the boys peed up against the wall! Me and my friend were saying how wonderful it was that they are still too young to be conscious of their bodies. IYKWIM. Mind you Cathal kept shouting at her to "Put some knickers on"!!!!!
After we arrived home, showered and dressed again for more play, what do we find but the cutest little puppy wandering about on the road. I have been drafted in to make posters as we have a puter and they caught me taking photos of him....No owner found as of yet but he is definately a pet. He's tame and friendly, clean and well fed. No collar though (not that that means much round here!!)
On the crafting front I have an order for 5 personalised Communion cards, which is great. I don't really Take orders per se but friends know I make cards and sometimes they ask for something special which I'm delighted to do. I'm just so thrilled that someone would want them!! My partner in crime today is just back from the states and apart from the stuff I'd ordered she got me a pressie from herself. A lovely embellishment pack from Colorbok. It's so funny getting crafty presents from non-crafty friends. "Uhhhh, I'm not really sure what it is but it had ribbons/buttons/shiny bits, so I figured you'd like it"!!!!! I love it, thanks Eileen. It has 40 sheets of papers, 940 punch-outs, 3 3-D embellies, 6 buttons, 20 brads and 2 13"lenghts of ribbon. She got it in WalMart????? Said there was a full aisle of the stuff and that I would most likely die of hyperventilation.
Thats it from here. A few photies of our day and I'm off to play with my new bits!!!!
Hmmm, photos don't seem to be up loading.....I'll sign off and try again later.
Slán go foill folks!

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Tigger's rambling said...

Sounds like you had a great day :-)
Great news on the card orders, they will be flooding in soon and you will be like the rest of us....sod the housework LOL