Tuesday, May 1, 2007

One of those days!

I have been chasing my own ass all day trying to clean/tidy this house and it looks now exactly the same if not worse than this morning......so much for getting out and taking photos.

I'm not anal about the housework but when you've hoovered and mopped and then 6 kids come traipsing in with cut grass and mud on their shoes (does nobody wipe their feet anymore?) I get the clenched jaw feeling but I don't say anything. I love having kids in the house (I just silently wish they'd all leave their shoes outside!!!) My hoover blew up a few days ago, it didn't ACTUALLY blow up, but it was making a funny noise and I thought the filter had come loose so I opened it, pushed the filter down, and turned it on again. Funny noise and now a strange smell.....So I turned it off, opened it, turned it on. Filter wasn't moving. Turned it off, removed the filter and turned it on again............SPARKS coming from the side!!!!! I think I may have an unusual amount of static electricity in me as this is not the first appliance to do this to me....Hence my reluctance to let grass covered kids into my house today.

On the crafting front I have FINALLY finished my L.O. for a c.j. I'm doing (only 2 more sitting on the table) I get so overwhealmed by the talent in them I freeze when I go to touch them. I finished 2 b.day cards for people on cs forum (actually one has been sitting on the table for a week, just kept forgetting to bring it to the p.o) and finished a l.o. of Leah and her brand spanking new friend who's moved in beside us! I have only one more l.o. to do and I will have finished my first album!!!!

Still not sure how to post pics so hopefully below this will be Leah eating dinner "al fresco" ??? with me yesterday afternoon (except I took the pic so it's just her!!) and the boy's thinking they are in Brazil.

I am sooooooo loving this weather. I really believe I would be much better suited to a warmer climate. Sssshhhh, don't let Jerry hear me say that, he'd love to move to Spain but in all honesty I couldn't leave here yet. Not while the kids are in an Irish speaking national school. I know although being "fluent" (I use the term loosely!!!) I don't use it enough at home for them to fully learn it. Speaking of which, Noelle has launched her blog which I will list in my" blogs I like", check it out. She uses both English and Irish and I think it's fantastic. It's great to see the Irish being kept alive. Maith thú Noelle!!!!

Here's hoping the laundry, cleaning, cooking fairy, that everybody else in my house believes in, visit's tonight.
Ok, photos have up loaded but they are on top of the message. I will figure this out eventually. Tomorrow I am asking everyone I know who blogs how to do this.
Slán go foill a chairde, agus go raibh maith agat as buaileamh isteach!
Bye for now friends, and thanks for dropping in!


Audrey said...

Jeepers - you have been busy ;-)

CarolineO said...

Great to see another blog promoting a bit of Gaeilge, unfortunately I've lost a lot of it, "use it or lose it!!" but I can read it no bother. Lovely pics :)

Tigger's rambling said...

Fantastic Photo's :-)
I know where your coming from with the house work.....it is just like the neverending story lol

noelle said...

Go raibh maith agat fa choinne an fáilte chuig blogg-al Neasa :-D Don't worry about the housework, I never do! Mind you I've been going round like a mad woman this morning sorting out the playroom!!!

jeanjeany said...

Neasa hun don't sweat the littlw things like house work.....life is too short,enjoy the kids because all too soon they will have their own houses.........lol.Love the pics hun :)..............I lost my blog ( cry cry) says my password is incorrect,i know it is not.........however it's gone i can't add to it ot delete what is on there (sniff sniff)