Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Please bring Madeline home

I haven't posted in a few days as I couldn't really bring myself to do something so trivial when there is a little baby girl missing out there. It is really really affecting me. I have a baby girl the same age as Madeline and every time I look at her I pick her up and hug her and am so thankful it wasn't me. That little girl has not been out of my mind since this happened. I feel physically (spl??) sick every time I think of what could have and be happening to that poor doteĆ­n.
I'm not going to get into playing the blame game, but I cannot believe that 2 parents with I would assume reasonable intelliegence since they both went through med. school would leave 3 small children alone in an apartment in a foreign country. (And for the record, I don't care if they were 50 yards away, those kids were alone in an apartment) I have been on holiday with my children. They NEVER left my sight. If they were too tired and cranky to bring to a restaraunt we ate in. But to us, there was no other option. It didn't even cross our minds to get a resort babysitter, never mind leave them alone.
I'm not banging the parents, I'm sure they are doing that enough themselves, but I just can't believe they left them alone.
Maddy is in my thoughts and prayers tonight as I'm sure she is in yours. Please God, bring her home safe.
Sorry about that rant, it's been building up all weekend (I'm sure you all understand)
Well Jerry came home Saturday after working all week in Athlone so I didn't get a look in with Leah 'till I tried to leave the house! We went for dinner in Barna in the new hotel called "Twelve" (the old Twelve Pins) on Sunday and to be honest we won't be going back there. The service was great (parking is sh*te) the restaurant is fantastic (the food is la-de-da) Put it this way, I wouldn't bring my Dad for a slap up meal there (By that I mean he's a big man who likes his food........we nearly stopped at a chipper on the way home but it was closed.....)
To make up for it we went to Spiddal with the kids on Bank holiday Monday for dinner. Leah wouldn't sit still for a second, wouldn't eat her dinner and kept climbing over the table to get to Daddy. We didn't have dessert.
I have spent all weekend playing with Leah and Cathal even when I should be putting them to sleep. I spent hours colouring in pictures WITH Leah tonight instead of letting her get on with it while I'd try to tackle the housework. I spent time with Cathal asking about his day and what he'd like to do in the Summer holidays. I found myself looking at them in a whole new light. "You're not just mine, but anyone who takes a fancy to you"
Mothers, hold your children tight, smell them, touch them, cuddle them, whisper to them when they are asleep, take every opportunity you have to tell them you love them. Love them and never forget how lucky YOU are to have THEM in your life.
My prayers tonight are with Darragh (my friend) and with Madeline, and Madelines family, with the Portoguese Police. PLEASE BRING HER HOME.


jeanjeany said...

It is soooooo tragic Neasa it brings me back to the time that young boy Ben was taken,like you i was traumatised couldn't stop hugging the kids being thankful they were safe,tonight i was watching the news & when they showed the 50yards & the wall hiding their view i was very cross,i know that may not sound right but i was thinking why the hell did you both leave your kids there alone,they are all so young,i also have to say i find her parents very calm to what i would picture i would be like,no tears,unusual no? i would be be traumatised Neasa i wouldn't be able to speak or anything i just feel they are a little calm....just my opinion.I also am praying very hard for that poor young girl to be returned safetly to her parents & may god help them all throught what they have ahead of them until then.

Elisa said...

I hope she is returned safe and well. Like you, I can't help thinking how scared she must be. Heard something about people being arrested, maybe she was found!

Tigger's rambling said...

I know what you mean Neasa, it is just awful. I hope the little pet is found soon. When I heard about it first and everyone was going on about how awful it was (and it is) I said hang on guys am I the only one who finds it strange that the parents left the kids on their own...!!!!! I still can't understand that :-?

Kate said...

I second everything you wrote Neasa. My poor son has been squeezed to death over the past week (More so than usual).
As the days pass, it's more and more worrying. I pray she is found soon, and in one piece, both physically and mentally.

eva birdthistle said...

here here on everything you said! I hope she is found soon, there is so many people who have rallied together to help find here.

CoCo said...

I hadn't even thought about how scared she must have been...as elisa said...am almost in tears now thinking about the poor little thing. Please God she is safe and will be found and it won't affect her. A little girl was found wandering around housing estate here in Galway a while back - her parents had left her alone while they went out. It's crazy...and however bad it was to leave a 3 yr old, I can't believe they left 3 kids alone for any time...let alone in a foreign country or whatever. No point blaming at this stage, just prayers and minding our own little sweethearts.

Lainey said...

Well said Neasa. Like you I havent stopped cuddling my two and thinking of the what if's. Praying for a miracle that this little pet is returned safely.