Friday, January 18, 2008

Driving etiquette

If I am sitting on the road with my indicator pointing in and you are coming towards me, I am not, in actual fact alerting you to a space that has just opened up in the very small car park that is our local shop. Seriously???? Did you think I was waiting for you to waltzt in?
UUUUUggggghhhhhhhhh, this makes my blood boil. There are not many things (apart from obvious stupidity which I have covered before) that annoy me about driving. If I'm stuck behind a car that I can't overtake I don't get annoyed. I stay there. If I am stuck behind someone who refuses to turn off his headlights, I pull over and let the asshole go, if someone is on my ass for no reason, yes, I turn on my fog lights(thats only happened once-dyno truck, I'm onto you!!)but I will let them go.

The parking in Carraroe is awful. So awful that I have started going to our other local shop (not so much selection as SPAR but at least you can park)
The same day of the waltzing in at the shop, the same happened at the chemist. There are 4 parking spaces, a bit of road space on either side, and again I was sitting there with my indicator on.......Van, delivery.....long story short: car left where it was (off the road but not not properly parked)
Me thinks planning commisions need to get their thinking caps on before the next installment of buildings opens up.
Any amount of buildings going up but no thought as to parking. Or playgrounds/activity area'setc.
Might have some news as to the playground next week. Fingers crossed and drive carefully!

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Polly Peirce said...

Even if we all go back to the donkey and cart some people would still behave like asses on the roads! It's sheer madness out there, isn't it?