Friday, January 18, 2008

And the saga continues.....


8.50 am-wave Cathal off to school perfectly fine and dandy.
9.15 am-"ring ring, Neasa, it's the school, come quick, somethings wrong with Cathal"

He fainted in his seat and fell to the floor banging his head in the process. His temperature shot up and he was surrounded by 4 teachers swaddled in wet cloths when I arrived. He then starts vomiting. I rush him to the doc to be told it's a "virus"

11.30 am-"If I have to tell you to stop hopping on the settee once more I'm sending you back to school, I don't care if you saw a bright light"

What's next I wonder? Bubonic plaugue?

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Crafty Angel said...

Oh Neasa, you poor pet! Kids, I swear they are here to drive us insane. In the blink of eye they go from having you a nervous wreck to wrecking your head. Dont they bounce back so quick, pity us Mammies don't! So glad to see that Cathal is bouncing around again!!

Sending you hugs, Mandy x