Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mish mash of a week....

It's been one of those "funny" old weeks where you're up and down like a yo-yo!! on Thursday I had Cathals appointment in town re. his ADHD assessment. (En route to app. I got a call to tell me a guy I went to school with died in a crash in America) There seems to be a lot of improvement and they think so too so fingers crossed xxx There will be another assessment in September to see how he settles in with the new teacher (God help her!!) His teacher this year was fantastic and she was saying by the end of the year that she thought he was great. I nearly started crying. If your kid has ADHD tendencies you'll know what I mean....

Friday was a bit of a non starter really but Saturday night all the neighbours gathered round in our back garden for our (neighbourly) annual bonfire (a slight change of venue this year by a few hundred yards but thats another story...) Good God, a night of singing, dancing and drinking like it hasn't been seen 'round these parts for a while I tell ya'!!! The new neighbours really got into the swing of things and even dragged out boudhráns, tin whistles and recorders well after midnight! I even sang Ámhrán na bhFiann to finish us off (hmmm, might have been on my 3rd bottle of Miller????!!)

Next morning I had to drag myself, kids and 2 sleepovers out of bed for the Salthill Airshow. Jerry reckoned he wasn't fit to drive anywhere after the night before. I don't think he should be allowed on the road without supervision at any time but thats beside the point! I gave the "new neighbours" a good lie in before I went ringing their doorbell with their kids in tow. (Have ye figured out yet that me and the "new neighbours" get on really well????) So off we all headed into Salthill. Kids are asleep by the time we get there (both cars) and we have to park a mile and a half from the prom. Did this fuzzy headed Mommy remember to throw the small buggy into the boot???? Answers on a postcard please... Anyways we eventually got there and in between the showers the sun was glorious. Got a pic of two kids dancing in a huge puddle while the sun was out and I think it's priceless! Got loads of pictures but then started getting really hungry. Now, I'm not a woman you want to let get very hungry. By the time we got to and got served in SuperMacs I was about to start shouting "Just get out of my f*"k(%g way people" (Well not about to, I'd just started saying it in my head!) Supermacs that day was a disgrace. The hall was flooded into the bathroom. The bathroom was flooded but instead of taking the tissue out of the sink they were trying to stem the flow in the hallway????? Not a scrap of toilet tissue to be found anywhere (thank God for my trustee Mommy bag!) Then I was waiting in line behind 3 people for 20 minutes. I noticed a young boy standing to the side looking eagerly in. When I finally came to the front I asked him if he was trying to order. Poor dote had been standing there since before I got there. I had to tell the guy who came to take my order that he'd been waiting to be served for ages. As I was doing this and old Biddy barged in beside me and started shouting out her order to the guy. And they say the youth of today have no manners???? If it wasn't for me that poor child and his little brother would still be waiting for curry chips, and that biddy is probably still munching away..... Now this post is running long enough as it is so I won't get into what I got when I ordered 4 kids meals, to consist of: 1 nuggets, 1 cheeseburger, 2 plain burgers. UUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

So you can imagine my house come Monday between the bonfire and not being here on Sunday (but Jerry and big brother (actual big brother, not the t.v version!) were here grilling all sorts and frying and making mess all day. Grass all over the floor, buscuits mashed into the carpet, curtains hanging off the railings (not to mention the kids rooms!!!!)

Then Tuesday (today) I got the call that my friend had been brought home and there was a wake tonight. Jesus, there's nothing like an Irish funeral I think. Although I was only there long enough to pay my respects I saw people from my year in school that I haven't seen since I walked away that last day. I found it very difficult, especially as I wouldn't even recogise him, I thought someone had made a horrible mistake, but then I saw his brother. I couldn't do the whole going into the other room and meeting the genuine friends and the ghouls who thrive on "I knew him, give me another drink, I can't cope" people. I was actually going to go the the burial tomorrow (which I don't normally do) which brings me onto the next stage of my topsy turvy week.

My Dad asked me during the week to make some cards. One specific baby boy card and 4 neutral baby cards. I have never made neutral baby cards in my life, they have always been for a boy or girl and usually with a name I can put on it somewhere. With the hectic weekend I was running a little behind but I knew I wasn't late yet . Then my Dad rang me tonight. I said "the cards are nearly done, they'll be on tomorrow's boat" (he lives in the Aran Islands) and he says " Well I can save you the trouble of putting them on the boat, can you pick me up and bring me to Casualty in the morning?" He's a stonemason and he got a slpinter of rock/stone in his eye. The doc's on the Island were able to give him painkillers but nothing else. Now I love it out there on the Islands for a visit but this is exactly why I wouldn't live there. Unless you are actually dying, or giving birth, they won't come out to get you (to my knowledge)

So I managed to finish the cards tonight, and I have a day full of Casualty to look forward to tomorrow but you know what? I couldn't give a shit. I'm glad actually. I'll spend some time with my Dad, have a chat, which is something we haven't done in a while.

Hmmm, It's saying my images have uploaded to blogger , first for a long time, but they dont seem to actually be there??? Yes it definately says "your images have uploaded to blogger"Oh, there it is up at the top!!! To shattered to now to do anything else. Will show pics of the fallen helicoper door tomorrow

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eva birdthistle said...

What a rollercoaster of a week you've had, but you are dealing with it all really well, good on you babes.