Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just chillin' !!

My camera has gone to join all the other broken, unwanted, unused and out of fashion cameras in the sky. I believe there is a place for us, cats and dogs so why not my beloved camera? The kids dropped it on it's head too many times at the beginning of its short life that apparantly there were long term after effects that just cannot be rectified.....a moment of silence please.

Thank you. Now. I'm friggin' raging. I haven't even finished paying for the damn thing and a few knocks on the head and it's gone????? Please.....You'd think they would make things a bit more robust these days considering where some of these products are going.
I am also raging because jerry has thrown out my 3v voucher with €15 left on it. He broke his computer yesterday and instead of being a man about it and go do his work elsewhere or drink a few beers he decides to "tidy his office"aka "Bull in Waterford Crystal Shop". His office is also my craft room so there is a little overlap re: papers and stuff. In the end I told him to get out and I'd do it. You wouldn't believe what he was putting in the bin......apparantly my 3v voucher went in before I stepped in to stop the carnage....
I am also missing 2 craftknives and 2 bonefolders and a sheet a peeloffs that I was assuming I would find in the pile he dumped on my table (which he moved.....ummmm)
I was chillin' when I wrote the title of this post but I finished my glass of wine now (2 glasses as I deleted the post by accident and had to write it all again) so I'm still going to bed annoyed. But just annoyed, not mad or angry which I hate 'cause I can't sleep then. My babies are safe and fast asleep like caterpillars in their beds. I am well and happy (but annoyed!!) and Jerry is fed and relaxing on the settee in front of a blazing fire......really, where else could I be.....chillin' out!??!!


Karva said...

ah Neasa I know it hard but someone once said to me "dont sweat the samll stuff" and they are so right.
Have a nice weekend. :)

eva birdthistle said...

There'll be days like that! But you are dealing with it so well!!! So sorry to hear about the camera too (((HUGS)))