Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Tis the friggin' season!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love christmas. I love everything about it. AFTER the 1st of December, anything before that is wasted on me. I have even avoided going into town since last halloween....
But I decided to get my ass in gear tonight and clean and tidy up so we could put up the tree. (Very late this year, I would normally have had it up last weekend) My sister took the two hooligans and Jerry was away working so I had the place to myself. Everything was going great, place was "presentably" tidy, had the tree ready for decorating, the wreath thingy on the mantlepiece all decorated and lit up. I plugged all (4) plugs of tree lights in, and lo and behold they all worked!!!! And so did the 2 outside ones! I started unravelling the tree lights and they just started rolling out on the floor!!! I thought the Gods were smiling down at me "You've had a rough year Neasa, we're going to take it easy on you this time"

Till the last bunch of lights......

The end was fine, the other end was fine, but there was a big knot in the middle. I was so calm because of all the other lights being easy I thought "This'll be a piece of cake" I even made a little joke to myself about the attic gremlins only finding one set this year.....
*Fast forward 2 hours* : "*sob* Fuck you, you Godamn fucking lights, I don't need you, I bought a new set, stupid friggin'....."

Yes, I lost the plot with a set of fairy lights. I very nearly stomped on them too. I don't actually know what stopped me because they are up on the tree now and I still want to rip them off and step on them....hmmm
Anyways Jerry came home and did his "jiggy jiggy" thing and they flowed to the floor like water. I left the house at that stage to buy drink for the night. For me.
So the house is lit up like a tree!!! Lights outside, and flashing Snowman in the garden (just his hat lights flashing, there are children around!) It was all done before the kids came back. It was worth it to see their faces. We left the bobbles and decorations for them to put on and Cathal put the angel on the tree as usual. Leah had her Naoinra decorations to put on it. I think a tree decorated with a cardboard snowman with cotton wool and a star and tree made of biscuit recipe and hand painted by your kids is the best tree ever!
It was well worth the F'ing and blinding earlier!!!
Happy Holiday's Folks!!!!
Hope ye all have a good one!


Polly Peirce said...

Welcome back! Gosh you have been busy; tidy enough to put up your tree? Wow!

Our house on the other hand has reverted to the usual mess and I've been avoiding Fly-Lady & her e-mails for a couple of weeks; since my back & neck started to plague me again!

Hopefully we'll get our tree up sometime before Christmas Eve, in between the various activities & parties; including LB's on Saturday!

Happy Christmas to you and the family!


Blapsheme Bourne said...

Bruhahaha. Christmas always leads to the drink. Speaking of which...... ;)

— Blas

gertie (aka aine) said...

the lights are always the worst part!!
i find taking them off worse, they all get tangled in each other and drive you demented trying to seperate them!!