Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's all over for another year!

YES!! Survived another year. Neasa-31_Christmas-0
Santa came and left without being spotted, even after making a pig of himself in the sitting room. Man alive, not even did he eat the sweets left out for him he started in on a box of celebrations I was saving for any visitors, and left the wrappers all over the place. No harm, he did his job and left the goods. Thanks Santa. X
Went to my Mom's for dinner this year which was lovely. We haven't done that for a few years but with the Missus having croup, when she asked if we'd like to have dinner at home this year I jumped at the chance! And it was lovely, soo relaxed as my job was pouring wine and pulling crackers. Cathal fell asleep (up since 6.30 am-he must have just missed Santa, although he did hear some scraping on the roof which must have woken him up....) and Leah just posed for pictures and vegged on the couch watching Shreck the 3rd. Jerry nearly ran me over when we stopped to check on the neighbours dog and feed their fish but thankfully didn't so all in all a good Christmas day!
Woke up this morning with a rotten head cold, snotting all over the place but apart from doing a bread and milk run was pretty much able to stay put playing with all the new toys that arrived yesterday. Buckaroo, Pictionary, "Are you Smarter than a Ten Year old?" (no-but Cathal is!!) and Buzz thingy game. Chinese for dinner as we had no leftovers. Had no water today so we couldn't set up his SeaMarine Creatures set. Hey, it beats the hell out of having no electricity. Ohhh, woe is me, I can't wash the dishes....yeah, inside I'm crying!!!!
Hope you all had a great christmas and wishing you all a very happy new year. Bottoms up!


jeanjeany said...
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jeanjeany said...

As ever Leah looks every bit the Little princess she is :):).Sounds like you had a great day & i have to say the last pic says you had a great day.....lmao.I am glad all went well hun :) All over for another to get ready for new years ;) another excuse to over indulge yipeeeee :):):)