Monday, September 24, 2007

Got a "fright".......

The kids are all fed (as you all know by now I mind 2 kids after school) The kids are all playing inside and out (had an exceptionally fine day last Friday, by fine, yes I mean DRY) and we had 2 "incomers". Kids that aren't normally there. I didn't care, kids were playing, clothes were blowing in the breeze, and it's Friday!!!! I have a standing order in my "New Neighbours" house on Friday which, "ahem", usually, "ahem" requires a bottle of vino. (Hell, I'm minding her kids all week, and she has to put up with mine on the weekend, I think we deserve a glass or two!!!"
Anyways, while I'm sitting with an old neighbour (she's not old, she just moved away!) we hear a thud/bang/crash (take your pick) in the hallway. I had heard Leah come screaming up the hallway so I knew it was her. 'Cause the screaming stopped just after the bang we heard.
To make a long story short(ish), I went to survey the damge, thought "Oh no, somethings broken" (It's not like Leah to not get up after a fall) She was lying in a little heap in the hallway. I picked her up and she looked like she was crying, but I realised she had done the crying thing too hard, or winded herself.... Her mouth was wide open trying to cry or grab a breath but it wasn't happening. I at this stage cried for Jerry, who told me to "Relax, turn her over". I did and she started crying to my relief. "She's crying = she's breathing" Then I turn her back to me and ask her where's she's hurt. Before my eyes her eyes roll back in her head, her lips turn blue and she goes limp in my arms. I thought she was dead or dying in my arms....
To say I panicked would be an insult to people who just normally panic. I lost the block. I screamed for my next door neighbour sooooo loud and ran across to her, after leaving Leah to Jerry, that I had a sore throat that night. By the time I got to said neighbours house, the kids were running out saying that shes ok. Jerry hopped her on his good arm, she came to, not a bother on her. The above happened in about the space of 10 seconds.
I still feel a bit sick when I think of it. I also feel soooooooo bad for the kids who saw me lose it. (I apologised to all the Mommies involved, 3..)Free Smiley Face Courtesy of
I'm the first one to say "Do a first Aid course", (had a nasty experience a few years back, I'll tell ya later Mags!) and I can't believe I kept putting it off. Not even putting it off just not checking up on it.
Anyways, will update tomorrow or during the week about our "visit of doom" to the vet..(which is a happy story!!)