Friday, April 17, 2009

Can I get a refund please?

Alas, gone are the days when not only were you allowed to lock kids in a cupboard, it was positively encouraged.

Me: "Isn't it a lovely day?"
Cathal: "Um, you know when the sun shines in the window like that you can see hair on your face?"

Now where is my receipt? I'm sure the hospital gave me one, didn't they? I knew I shouldn't have taken the tag off him.....


sandidune said...

lol, it's a pity Roches Stores have closed down...they gave refunds for everything.

We know you wouldn't exchange him for anything!

Neasa said...

I'd exchange him for a Basic Grey paper pad!

kiki's page said...

pmsl!!! that was a pretty good one! lol! kids eh?