Friday, March 27, 2009

Irish humour.... alive and kicking here in Connemara! In Recess especially!

(Photo has been removed for a while. My neighbour is entering it into a competition. Good luck!)


kiki's page said...

lol!!! have never heard of that place recess! must give connemara a visit sometime.

j said...

Omg i am loving the altered sign...pmsl
Sorry i have been neglecting to come comment but things have been soooo hectic !!!!
Neasa can you pm me your addy as i have blog candy here belong to you which i came across the other day :-(


Elisa said...

Go the other way, Neasa!!!!

{regardless of what the sat nav tells you to do}

sandidune said...

ha ha, brilliant - go on...admit..did you do it???

Sandie said...

Hilarious!!! Ya wouldn't see it on 'telly'! Is this your handywork????? Go on, you can tell us!!