Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm finally making cards again!

Well after a wonderful weekend with Lynda and her gorgeous family and a day at Jackie Mooney's wonderful workshop, it was just the push I needed to get crafting again! Above is what we made at the workshop. (There's one missing, I've sent it to someone already!)I'll just have to try to recreate it! Huge thank you to Jackie and everyone who really made my day and for being so welcoming. It was especially nice to see the forum girlies. Some new faces and some old favourites! Lynda (the messer), Babs (the nutter with a flap problem......don't ask unless you're crafty!) and Karina.....what can I say? Words still fail me at this point. Only kidding, a Princess is the only way I could describe her. Isobel and Val, I feel like we're old mates now! Jess, Amanda Jane, Ann with the demo, Lorna, Angela, and Jackie C, (I know I've forgotton someone)Thank you all for making the day so great. I really should leave the house, city, hell county, more often!
And again Lynda, I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality. You are a beautiful lady with a beautiful family to match. I never would have dreamt I could be so comfortable and relaxed in a "stranger's" house. Which, in essence, we were. Thank you so much. x x x

And here are a few I made today for Lynda and her beautiful daughter who was made to sleep in the shed while I spent the night in her cosy bed!



And one I made a while ago almost completely made from a christmas card! Recycling IS the new buying you know!



MayoMom said...

Nice to see you blogging again!
Will have to keep up with you

maybe someday


Dianne said...

& wow what a great job you are making of them too!!

All Pink girl said...

Wow Babe xxxx so glad you are back xxx
wow so many fab cards ,love them xxx
hugs Dawnxxx

kiki's page said...

lol! jesus if you keep calling me a princess i will start to believe it and will arrive to the next crop with my tiara and cloak and will prob have to hire someone to make the cards for me!!

was great meeting you too mrs! have to say you too were exactly as i thought you would be, that was after i had the interpreter translate for me!!! hee hee!

sandidune said...

Hi, flappy here!

Great to meet you too - nice to have company while I shiver outside puffing!
We'll have to organise release papers for you again very soon.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Neasa, thanks for visiting my blog the other day and leaving a comment. I'm so happy to "meet" you. I'm enjoying reading your posts here. It's so fun to get a little international learning in once in a while for me!

Lou Fu-Fu said...

I love those lil chinese girls, such cute cards! Well done