Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Well the 2 kids are all gorged out on chocolate. Myself and Leah don't like chocolate so we left them to it. I think Cathal is giving Jerry a run for his money this year!!!
We headed off today to Pearse's Cottage for the tour they were doing to commemorate the Uprising. Jerry and the kids had never been inside it so it was nice for them to see. I was there a few times when I was younger but it was lovely to see it again. Amazing to think he wrote the Proclamation of Independence in this little cottage.
Anyways, Cathal was very interested in it all. Jerry explained all about the 1916 Uprising to him (I wouldn't dare, I'd probably get it arseways!) Leah of course wanted to go look for the horse we saw in a field on the way up to the cottage. Oh, and strike a pose by the old fireplace!!
Jerry took loads of photos outside and then we headed off to Granny's house down the road for a visit. Shocking to think this house, steeped in our history, is less than a half an hours drive from us, yet today was the first time Jerry and the kids were in it.

A few photos from today....

Strike a pose!

That's my girl!!!

Some Rosmuc scenery

Pearse's Cottage

And to finish it off, a beautiful sunset when I got home.

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