Monday, March 24, 2008

Couldn't resist!!!

Most of the photo's today were taken while I was inside the cottage.... (see post below) As I was looking at them on the puter I could nearly hear what the kids were saying.....!!!!

"What scenery Dad? Ewww, is that poo? It's Poo. God, what did that?"

"I'm feckin' tired of walking. Why do we have to bloody walk to all these places?" (Click on this pic to her face!!)

"It's O.K. I know the way, follow me"

"I won't tell Mom you let us down here, DAD!!!!"

"Are you done already honey, I gotta get home and feed these kids? SMILE!!!!!"


littlebit said...

Priceless... your little girls face in the walking one says it all. Oh how often I have seen that look !! Isn't it funny how they just dont like when you laugh at it?

Dianne said...

Oh her little face - naughty mummy making her walk !! Lovely pic Neasa and lovely kids too!