Sunday, November 4, 2007

Basic Car Maintenance Lesson 1

If you can smell burning you are either in the wrong gear or something is, in fact, burning.

If you can hear a rattle coming from the underside of the car, it could in fact be a can of travelling sweets. Chect this out "before" bringing the car to a garage to avoid any unnecessary embarrasment.


Róisín - scrappyhappy said...

Hilarious! :P

hehehehe.. u didnt did u?

Also - about the marrakesh papers- You can get a die cutz page to go with marrakesh. I bought mine in person in australia, Dont know if they're stocked in ireland. did u get them from crafeire? I know they do the diecuts for the bobunny eire papers so they must do the marrakesh ones?? I dunno. Well the swirls came straight from that! They aint holographic!

Neasa said...

I did yes, You don't think I make this stuff up do you???
Found Marrakessh papers, no die cuts, just the Eire one....which I bought....Might make some holographic swirls from them....!

Deborah said...

Too funny Neasa. Great to see you Saturday and thanks for coming all that way!!!

All Pink girl said...

You make my cry with laughter, you are just so funny ,perhaps try your sweets in a bag lol,take care Dawnx

Jan said...

Well i had a horrible day today and that just made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing neasa.