Monday, November 19, 2007

Back to school!

Kinda!!! (Is that a word?)
I'm doing an evening course in basic acountancy and business book keeping. I would of course have put it in CAPITAL LETTERS if it was run through the University College Of Galway, but it is is a course run for people setting up their own business so they can keep a track of their books, learn how to do a tax thingy, the vat thingy, and know what thingys you need to be aware of and keep receipts for, thingys....
As you all know I don't have a business. My business is: wiping bums, noses, school runs, eat breakfast (a cup of tea) Leah to play school, feed and let out neighbours dog, start lunch, another school run, then pick up Leah, then another school run. Neighbours house for uniform change and let dog in.
Feed the minions, Homework, Playtime, Dinner, (considering I had to help with playtime today they were lucky to be fed! Thank God for pasta!)
After all that I got to play the student and I loved it! I've soooo longed to go back to school at some stage but something always seemed to get in the way. Oh, I should explain, sorry. Jerry set up a business a while back and has an accountant doing all his paperwork (as you do) but if I learn enough on this course I should be able to do a lot if not all of Jerry's vat and tax returns. Whoo hoo, not only does it save us money, but I'm doing something other than wiping up sick and cleaning dishes.
I nearly feel like a human being again.....


Jan said...

Hey Neasa. Well done you on the night class. hope it goes well.Jan

All Pink girl said...

Go girl .its great to do something for your self ,well done i am so pleased for you ,Dawnx

Polly Peirce said...

I don't know where you find the time for it all; and I thought I had it bad!

I could do with doing something like that, however for now I think I'll stick to digital photography instead.Now where did I put that photoshop disc?

It's the same old mad house here too! How's FlyLady comin' on with you?

Must say, I'm impressed by Jerry's website; maybe when I'm up & running, ie actually selling some cards, we could do business? Until then, I am stoney broke so it's going to have to be turf and timber!

Ooh, isn't that wind cold? Px