Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"I want a pony"

The dreaded words finally arrived. I tried to convince her that we don't have the facilities for a pony or horse but really that's wasted on a 4 year old. I tried to convince her she'd be fine with a My Little Pony teddy but no. Well I can be as bull thick as she can! And untill we live on a ranch this is the best she can expect!

Yes, I know the last one is a donkey, but beggers can't be choosers!


minerva said...

Well I'd rather have a donkey... a horse bit me once - swallowed my hand virtually - clamped between huge teeth. Shouted to BF at time to come help but he told me to stick my fingers of free hand up horses nose and it would let go. I didn't. Horse let go eventually. Obviously.

Cook22 said...

Aw, gorgeous pics, Neasa.
But gosh, helmets have changed since DH's horsey period, never mind my sisters. It was never a bug that bit me, though I've ridden bareback in Connemara the odd time.
Hugs to you and hoping your Dad improves quickly. It's so hard seeing a parent in hospital like that.

Dianne said...

Lovely pics of your gorgeous little girl Neasa. I love the cowboy outfit one. Thought you would have plenty of room for a pony in Carraroe Neasa! (wink wink!!)