Wednesday, October 31, 2007


...not so.... but they tried!!
Had a great evening with the kids trick or treating, pity a lot of people didn't open their doors. All they wanted, was to be seen in their costumes (which cost a bloody fortune-you can ask my sis's.....Thanks Karen & GrĂ¡inne!) The kids didn't care what you gave them, they just wanted to be seen.... In future all you people who don't answer the a bag of penny sweets in Aldi and don't be one of those "I'm not here-although you can see my beautiful chandlier sparkling from 5 miles away" people...OK???


Crafty Angel said...

thats it you tell them!!!!

SandieShores said...

Don't you just hate miserable penny pinchers on Halloween!!

You all look fabulous btw!!